The Journey Begins

Our journey began in Dallas, TX for Wreath Maker’s Live 2018.  Six women, who had never met, became the best of friends in only two short days.

It started over ribbon; yes, ribbon… lol.  Amanda had put out a message on Voxer, the chat app attendees were using to coordinate travel, meet ups, and any plans in general.  So, Amanda’s message, “hey, just got in, staying at the Holiday Inn express and going to check out local store for ribbon.  Anyone want to meet me in the lobby and share an Uber.”  Or, something along those lines… I don’t remember the exact quote, but you get the gist.  Doreen had replied that she’d meet her in the lobby.  Cheryl (that would be me) was downstairs already, while Lori was up in the room resting and talking with her family to let them know she had arrived safely.  When Lori came downstairs, I asked her if she was interested, we didn’t have any other plans for that Thursday afternoon.  So we figured sure!  So we met Doreen in the lobby while waiting on Amanda.  Melissa walked across the street from the Radisson (she and Amanda had met for the first time on the plane from AL to TX) because she was going to go as well.  YAY!! Ribbon shopping; I mean who wouldn’t pile into a car full of total strangers for ribbon?

As we were discussing there was no need for an Uber because I had driven in and wouldn’t mind chauffeuring us all over to the store, little Miss New York, Katie walks in and up to the reception desk to check in.  Amanda yells, “are you a wreather?”  LOL the look on Katie’s face… classic.  Here she was, fresh off a plane, wearing her “Wreath Mafia” t-shirt, not even checked in and already getting yelled at.  So Amanda asks her again, “are you a wreather?”  Katie replied yes she was so Amanda informs her we are all going to the craft store to check out some ribbon and supplies did she want to come?  Katie was a little hesitant at first, but I mean come on, how dangerous can a bunch of wreathers and craft addicts be… New York has made her suspicious.  Just kidding.  Long story short, she agrees… she went upstairs put her stuff in her room and joined us in the lobby where we all went out and clown packed into my car (yes, clown packed, I’m pretty sure Katie was sitting on Doreen’s lap)… over RIBBON.

From that moment on, we were inseparable.  We have laughed together, we have cried together, we have been ready to fight for each other when someone has hurt one of us… It is amazing to me this bond we share, I couldn’t imagine dealing with the stress and overwhelming demand of trying to start a new business without these women in my life.

Chance made us friends; our hearts made us sistas!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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